Custom Built Enterprise CRM Solutions

Create powerful tools to help your organization increase efficiency and delight customers.

custom CRM saves time

Save Time

Tools and apps built around the way you do business.

tailored solutions cut operating costs

Cut Costs

Agile development cycle with no on-going licensing fees.

increase employee productivity and satisfaction

Solve Problems

Deeply integrated end-to-end solutions to your most troubling challenges.

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Custom Coded Enterprise CRM

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Transform Your Tools To Match Your Organization’s Culture and Goals

Novocent is unparalleled as an enterprise-level CRM solution provider for organizations looking to build proprietary systems which can increase efficiency and gain a competitive advantage in their market sector. Our agency has a deep portfolio of experience in combining cutting-edge web technologies with highly intuitive UI and UX paradigms in order to leverage strategic synergies from deep within our clients’ organizations.

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Five reasons why Novocent should build your custom tailored CRM solution!

Novocent Is Technology And UX

It’s not an either/or situation. We develop proprietary client-owned CRM and project management systems tailored to meet your organization’s every need.

Novocent UX
Branded CRM Systems

Branded Solutions

For Novocent, a “branded” application is more than a thumbnail uploaded into the corner of an app. It’s about reflecting corporate culture and values into every aspect of your custom solution.

You Own The Code

Custom CRM and Project Management applications are built from the ground up in order to fully adapt to the specific needs and challenges of your company. Our proprietary solutions are budgeted and developed as capital expenditures. There are no licensing fees or recurring SaaS charges.

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“Simple, intuitive and efficient – Our bespoke CRM development services will let your organization do more with less.”
Development Cycles

Lightning Quick Development Cycles

As an agency we’re agile. We support custom enterprise applications with on-going feature development driven by changing business challenges. Need a new feature? Change or extend what you already have. What Novocent can accomplish is unmatched in the custom software space.

It Just Works

Simple, intuitive and efficient, our bespoke software solutions let your organization do more with less. Reduce training costs and administrative overhead while optimizing customer response time – Provide one-click reporting and data roll-up into sleek executive dashboards and custom apps.

Products that work

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