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How You Can Create Exceptional Content

How disappointing does a poor quality page feel after clicking a catchy headline? The prose just doesn't flow right, while the information conferred is essentially meaningless dribble. We skim the vague text or half-heartedly view the video, but our agitation rises because we’ve wasted time and feel the inequity of this transaction. ‘Surely my time is more valuable than this!’ Disappointment sinks in as we stop, click close, and vow never to visit again.

As marketers, we know the importance of creating the opposite — not only good — but exceptional content to attract customers. Considering how hard it is to compose and publish something original and meaningful, it is no wonder that we struggle. Worse yet, as marketing professionals we are required to do this repeatedly.

It's no small wonder that year over year, survey after survey, polls consistently cite that the majority of marketers intend to increase spending for content production over the next 12 months.

“Fascinating narratives don’t follow a predictable formula which savvy consumers instantly recognize as self-serving”

Noteworthy content fulfills a clear purpose like an innovative teacher motivating students. First a lesson plan is created before the teacher begins. Good teachers understand that the starting place is in the planning. Why are the students in this class? What do they want to learn?

Good content is also born in the planning. Content marketing strategies are more likely to build traffic from the right audience when they are born of planning rather than defined ad-hoc. Proper planning can transform content, organizing it into a compelling guide rather than a blasé collection of disparate pieces.

Fascinating narratives don’t follow a predictable formula which savvy consumers instantly recognize as self-serving. They don't seek to push products or services, and they don't assume everyone has the same learning style.

All exceptional content possesses three common characteristics:

Attract and sustain the attention of the proper audience

Your company’s website, blog posts, email marketing, social media posts, ebooks, videos, and infographics all have a job to do: to attract the customer you would love to serve, and to continue to renew that relationship. When readers think that what you have to say is useful, valuable, or interesting, they are likely to return for more.

The audience feels connected

Readers feel like they’re having a meaningful conversation because it is personal. You get them. You understand them. When you can personalize your messaging to address an audience’s specific needs, wants, or desires you can create a meaningful connection. It’s not about what your company does or sells, per se, but how you demonstrate your connection to your customers.

Readers gain a tangible takeaway

Offering actionable advice which can solve a problem is one of the most valuable tools of an effective content marketing campaign. Well thought out content is equally aware of its intended audience as it is of its intended purpose.

If you are looking for a resource to support creating and integrating exceptional content across your entire organization, Novocent can help. We specialize in helping companies find their brand voice, win new business, and connect with customers. Give us a call today.

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