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We are all slowly being paralyzed. The Internet sits heavy on our chest; it’s weight slowly crushing our ability to think, to communicate and intelligently convey brand value. The self-proclaimed content marketing movement is rife with sub-par article bot re-writes and flat out plagiarism. The very words you are reading are most probably being digitally lifted, shifted and re-sorted into dozens of ‘next-best’ blog posts or ‘top 5’ email blasts faster than you can finish them.

Plenty of companies seem to be able to churn out post after post by spending twenty minutes with a thesaurus, Google swiping whichever shiny page-one click bait catches their eye. Nurturing compelling content reflective of your brand's identity, however, requires significantly more dedication as well as marketing communications support.

“Developing and sharing a compelling brand narrative requires hard work and talent.”

Brand narratives are akin to campfire story telling. You want other people to hear what you have to say and want to share it. In order for this to happen, what you are saying needs to be original, authentic and most importantly, valuable to your audience.

Creating the content that fuels the branding narrative campfire is hard work and it requires detailed planning and a talented support team. Novocent can help. We are experts at helping companies create long term brand messaging goals and to align marketing communications efforts to support those goals across a wide variety of mixed media content types like video, interactive, branded imagery, infographic and copy writing.

Finding Your Brand Voice Will Attract New Business Opportunities, Foster Loyalty And Build Long-term Equity.

Tapping The Secret Potential of Brand Evangelists

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Novocent helps you connect with customers by creating the building blocks of communication. We work to articulate the intangibles that differentiate your organization and can transform that messaging into actionable projects like:

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