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What Does A Well Defined Content Marketing Strategy Look Like

Start with content development. Engaging customers with authentic and valuable information that is meaningful to them is the entry point for developing a well-rounded content marketing platform. The key words which should draw attention; "authentic," "valuable," "meaningful," and most importantly "them".

The lens by which we view and evaluate the success of our content creation efforts has to be focused on with a customer-driven perspective. Information which is valuable for them; Content which is authentic to them; Interactions that are meaningful to them.

Structuring marketing communications that are consumer driven requires effort and research. It requires awareness and context, as well as consideration toward alignment with your overall brand message. In other words, by sharing your brand’s collective knowledge, insight and experience you should be attracting the kinds of customers who are interested in the kinds of things you do — and as your brand continues to grow and respond to the needs of the marketplace, both your narrative as well as your audience should reflect this maturity.

“The lens by which we view and evaluate the success of our content creation efforts has to be focused on with a customer-driven perspective.”

In a successful content marketing strategy, content creation is looped with research and digital listening.

Measurement is meaningful for continued success. Rarely do we as marketers have free-reign to do as we please - budgets be damned. In fact, one could argue that the larger your organization’s market cap, the greater the necessity that someone, somewhere in the org chart is going to need to see a metric. A measurement that confirms that a strategy should be transformed from an idea to a tactic.

Measurement on a micro-level is also as fundamentally important as its macro counterpart. Within this content marketing platform what’s working, what’s not and what can we do to fix it? Wars are won, empires are built, markets are shifted, loyalty is generated, and success is achieved all through actionable intelligence. Knowing where, when and how to allocate resources to achieve the best potential outcome comes from this actionable intelligence gained by measuring the success of a content marketing platform on a micro-level.

Once we are saying the kinds of things that are attracting the kinds of customers we need in order to grow, a successful content marketing strategy loops in periodic optimization to ongoing measurement of activity.

Ultimately, marketing communications success requires us to listen more and talk less.

Communication Initiatives Should Navigate Complex Growth Challenges With Elegant And Engaging Solutions.

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