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How To Get Exactly What You Want - Every Time!

How can we get what we want? Be specific. New York Times best selling author Nora Roberts said, “If you don't ask, the answer is always no.” That’s not just good life advice, it's good search advice as well. 

As it happens, Google also really likes it when you are specific. If you want to become an expert at the art of finding needles in haystacks, here are some useful tips to help master Google’s hidden language of search. 

Say you want to search the website for stories about breaking Industry leading encryption using quantum computing which do not make reference to artificial intelligence and have been published in the last two years. quantum ~computing "strongest encryption" -"AI|Artificial Intelligence"  2014..2016

  •  Search results only from this specific website
  • quantum ~computing: Search results must include the word ‘quantum’ as well as words similar to the word ‘computing’ (e.g. Computer, PC, Mainframe)
  • "strongest encryption": Search results must also contain this specific phrase
  • -"AI|Artificial Intelligence": Search results must not contain ‘AI’ or ‘Artificial intelligence’
  • 2014..2016: Search results must be published between these years

Or, say you want to find Annual Reports filed by Disney Corp.

filetype:pdf disney intitle:”fiscal year” of *report

  • filetype:pdf: Search results should only include PDF files
  • disney: Search results must contain for ‘Disney’
  • intitle:”fiscal year”: Shows only results with ‘fiscal year’ in the title
  • of *report: The * is a wild card results like Annual report, Fiscal reports or Financial reports will be shown

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