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Set yourself up for marketing success by working smarter, not harder.

Consider a rocket set to launch into space. It needs to carry enough fuel, to create enough force, to escape Earth’s gravity. Therein lies the problem. When we load the fuel to launch the rocket, the rocket gets heavier, so we have to load more fuel, which in turn ...

It takes between 20 to 50 tons of fuel to launch a 1 ton rocket into space. That’s a whole lot of energy and power feeding the process not the problem. [The process being ‘the mechanics of launching a rocket’ and the problem being ‘how can I get to outer space?’] That fact is, if we built a ladder into space which rotated synchronously with the planet you could simply climb the rungs to the International Space Station under your own power. (1) Problem solved.

Sometimes we expend too much energy working the process rather than finding the right mix of inspiration and perspiration which will make life easier. Even if you have a fully staffed internal marketing team, working with an agency can provide valuable insight into industry best practices and potentially some game changing inspiration.

“Sometimes we expend too much energy working the process rather than finding the right mix of inspiration and perspiration”

Where can I work smarter this year?

Give your website a content overhaul.

Your website is arguably your most powerful selling tool. However, in many redesigns web content is overlooked in favor of a simple graphic makeover. Your website should sell more and engage customers from their perspective not yours. Additionally, compelling content must go further and speak to value while addressing need.

Novocent can help. We can work to ensure your website is focused on the customer perspective and its content is organized as a selling tool. Marketing success should be more about putting your best foot forward to attract, to engage, to persuade and generate interest.

Create a customer loyalty campaign.

According to a Gartner Group study, a 5% increase in customer retention can increase business profits by 25% or more. A well-designed customer loyalty campaign can help keep customers satisfied and ensure continued patronage.

Novocent can help. We can work to address pain points in the customer communication process and identify programs and services that engage customers and increase loyalty. Marketing success should be more about retaining and growing the kind of business you value most.

Focus your lead generation.

The adage ‘any business is good business’ is simply not true. Targeted lead generation begins by being extremely articulate about who your current customers are. Your customer base is a treasure trove of data that can serve as a roadmap for marketing success. Analyzing demographic, profitability and customer service data can help segment your customer base and provide insight into customer lifetime value calculations.

Novocent can help. We can work to help segment your customer base and create targeted lead generation campaigns which market to your most valuable customer demographics. Marketing success should be more about attracting the kind of business you want most.

(1) National Geographic: Escaping Earth: Could a Space Elevator Work?

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