How to Push Your Content Without Breaking the Bank

How to Push Your Content Without Breaking the Bank

You’ve heard it before, but that’s because it’s true… the abundance of content floating around the web is overwhelming. Keeping your own content from getting lost in the mix may seem impossible if you do not stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques. Know where to put your efforts and when needed, your wallet. The truth is that it often takes monetary assistance to push your company’s content into the reach of a vast and relevant audience, but if you do it right, you can find success without breaking the bank.

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Social Media Ads

It is rare you stumble upon a business these days that does not advertise on social media, using at least one platform. In the past, on let’s say Facebook, you could typically reach your targeted audience at no cost. Now, however, as algorithms have changed and organic reach has severely decreased, it is quite necessary to throw some cash at your posts with their advertisement features and ability to “boost” post reach. You can even link your Facebook to your Instagram account to create ads on both platforms. Sponsored LinkedIn updates are great for displaying your content to interested businesses and those in related fields. Certain platforms may uniquely help your content reach the appropriate audience, while others do little. For example, if your product or service is targeted towards a younger audience or if visuals are a key aspect of your messages, then Instagram is the platform for you. LinkedIn on the other hand, would be a better choice if you wanted to target demographics such as market sector or job title.

For those on a limited budget, it is probably in your best interest to focus your ad spend on a single platform and get a feel for what works best. Try altering your ads to maximize ROI (i.e. switch up demographics, slogans, picture or no picture, etc.). If you see an increase in sales or interest with improved analytics, then up the cost and focus on what works!

Then, for those who have an established budget and more flexibility, an A/B optimization campaign would be beneficial, taking out the guesswork and creating data-informed decisions. This method would test two versions of an ad message to see which one works better. It helps ensure maximum ROI. You will need to come up with an established media plan, and budget is essential since A/B campaigns typically need to be measured and optimized over long periods of time (six to twelve months). In addition to optimizing messages, a good split testing program will also consider landing pages and conversion goals. You then have to come up with a performance measurement criterion to help analyze the A/B results and to make sure data is being pulled the same way in each ad. Lastly, pinpoint a valuable A/B optimization strategy framework, including the audience you wish to target and conversion goals. Once the framework is in place… test, test, test!

“Know where to put your efforts and when needed, your wallet.”

Share Relevant Content

Depending on where your content comes from, whether it is in-house, through a marketing team or through a freelancer, you are probably paying for the time spent researching and writing. To increase the amount of content produced without incurring the time and manpower needed for original pieces, get in the habit of sharing articles and other relevant content from reputable, outside sources. The more applicable content you share, the more people you will reach. Plus, sharing work from industry leaders or companies also helps to network your brand and keep audiences intrigued. Just don’t let the shared content take over your originally produced work. Your marketing team can help set goals regarding the balanced amount of time that should be spent on researching and writing, while helping you curate fresh ideas.

Create Interesting and Trendy Content

This last tip may sound obvious, but it is harder than it sounds. You want your social posts, email blasts, and blogs to grab your audience’s attention (with or without the help of ads) and keep them coming back for more. If you were a catering company, you may want to create a list such as “The Top 3 Ways to Display Appetizers” or a how-to guide on throwing the best dinner party. People want to be informed and take things with them that have practical applications.

It may also be useful to do some research here, playing off popular memes for your social media or tying content into trending stories in the news. When people take interest, they are more likely to share, comment and click. This will increase the organic reach of your content at no cost, allowing you to use your budget elsewhere!

Remember that not everything you write needs to be shared on a mass level. Flooding your website or social media with lackluster or useless information just to show you have content, can cause audiences to lose interest. Keep the content flowing, but not overflowing!

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