Suburban Propane website redesign

Suburban Propane Corporate Website Design

Novocent Partners completely overhauled Suburban Propane’s web presence with a ground-up redesign in 2015-16. The comprehensive project spanned DNS organization, information architecture, content development, as well as site design and coding. The goal was to help Suburban continue to differentiate itself within the marketplace by creating a smart, customer-focused web presence implemented on a modern web-standards based platform. Utilizing modern web technology, Novocent provided a device agnostic infrastructure which will serve a communications structure for years to come.

Suburban relied on Novocent to manage the entire project from end-to-end. Starting with the information architecture, Novocent began by cataloging, organizing and restructuring existing content. Novocent also provided gap analysis and content creation services to significantly enhance the user experience by filling in missing content pieces, ensuring that the website was properly aligned with current marketing and communications strategies.

Utilizing modern responsive design and best practice SEO tactics, Novocent also addressed the aging layout with a fresh customer-centric site that focused on usability and accommodated all of the communication needs of this billion dollar energy company.

hand coded responsive web design

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