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True brand power, is not a flash in the pan...

Rebranding and turn-around situations are some of our favorite marketing challenges, because they represent the greatest opportunities in American business — Chances to redefine strategic positions, reframe corporate objectives, reinvent brand attributes, and ultimately to recover from difficult times.

True brand power, however, is not a flash in the pan. Consistency and authenticity are two primary attributes that Novocent focuses your Brand story around - to build power, recognition and loyalty in the marketplace.

“...With the help of a good marketing partner, a steady hand and a smart plan will save you a lot of time...”

A search result for ‘branding’ yields [at the time this was written] 175 million results; An Amazon search – more than 8,000 books. So, if you made it your 9-to-5 job to read everything written on branding AND no one wrote anything new, it would take you more than 13,567 years*, give or take.

Luckily, given what you know already and with the help of a good marketing partner, a steady hand and a smart plan will save you a lot of time. Branding is about perception in the marketplace and brand power is about seizing opportunities to shape perception by promising and delivering.

*Assuming 250 words per minute (Average adult reader with high comprehension rate 70-80%) and that the average word count of top ranked Google search results is 2416 words, while average book contains approximately 60,000 words.

Finding Your Brand Voice Will Attract New Business Opportunities, Foster Loyalty And Build Long-term Equity.

Tapping The Secret Potential of Brand Evangelists

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