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SSI Strategy New Business Development Campaign

SSI turned to Novocent to create a new business development campaign which addressed their lead generation challenges. Novocent utilized emerging marketing technologies with traditional direct tactics which allowed the latitude of extremely targeted messaging and provided opportunities to instantly establish credibility through high-level design and presentation. SSI’s first touch multimedia mailer is a self-contained video player which delivers a :60 corporate identity overview.

Novocent wrote the sales copy and produced the video content (including the custom animations). Additionally, Novocent designed and produced the video mailing piece and shipping box for a complete end-to-end solution.

About SSI

SSI Strategy is a medical affairs and pharmacovigilance consultancy specializing in optimizing the effectiveness of these functions within the Nation’s leading pharmaceutical companies. By uniquely teaming doctors and consultants, SSI leverages the synergy of people and process to add significant value, create new paradigms and offer insightful solutions.

Communication Initiatives Should Navigate Complex Growth Challenges With Elegant And Engaging Solutions.

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