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Identify Key Metrics

Value comes from knowing ‘what’ to measure and ‘when’...

Metrics are the commerce of marketing. Campaigns live and die, careers rise and fall, budgets shift, and promotions are won all on the actionable intelligence gained from responsive measurement of key data points in the business process. Value comes from knowing ‘what’ to measure and ‘when’.

“Our entire company is built around the concept of results marketing”

Measuring an inevitable outcome provides a metric, howbeit a less valuable one. For instance, potential sales opportunities will inevitably be lost or won. Measuring successful closed sales provides a data point, which is arguably less actionable than measuring the time to close or the cost to close.

Our entire company is built around the concept of results. Results are the reason we all do marketing. Results are the satisfaction we derive from serving our clients. Results are the yardstick by which we measure success.

Novocent driven marketing campaigns are structured around identifying and measuring key metrics and deeply integrating that data into our clients’ organizational structures, so that it can be acted upon in a responsive manner.

Measure and improve... Measure and improve. That’s our mantra.

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