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Suburban Propane 24/7/365 Emergency Service

Marketing in the service sector is different than product marketing. It requires different thinking and messaging to articulate the intangible attributes that are central to a client's brand. In the energy sector, Suburban Propane, the nation's third largest propane retailer, differentiates through customer service and the reliability of its nationwide delivery and service infrastructure. More than one million Suburban customers rely on the peace of mind that comes from their 24/7/365 emergency service guarantee.

Suburban tasked Novocent with communicating the company's most important attributes to increase awareness and win new business. One sunny morning in April, Novocent transformed a propane bobtail truck in a gravel filled parking lot in Washington, NJ into a campaign highlighting dependable emergency service.

“Whether it’s 3 p.m or 3 a.m., our team of customer service representatives is standing by to help answer your questions or address your concerns.” Through photography and Photoshop, Novocent envisioned and created a series of a branded images that would highlight the company’s reliable infrastructure and emergency service for years to come.

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